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Torun celebrates its City Festival on June 24th - on the day of St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of Torun.

The patronage of St. John the Baptist over Torun dates back to the times of the foundation of the city in the 13th century and the building of the first temple - the church of St. John. Today the church is the Cathedral of St. Johns (the Baptist and the Evangelist), which is the first church of the diocese of Toruń. The monumental block of the cathedral is the most visible architectural element in the panorama of Torun and the Vistula river.

Torun’s City Festival is a series of events displaying the historical and cultural profile of the city of Copernicus. A feature of the festival is its Vistulian character, as most of the concerts, shows and meetings of inhabitants within its borders take place on the Bulwar Filadelfijski (Philadelphia Boulevard) on the Vistula River and on public grassy lands situated on the Vistula behind the swimming pool "Wodnik".
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Map of Torun

Map of Torun

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