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Orzechowy Jar

33A Elgiszewo near Torun, outer town [show on a map]
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noclegi w Krakowie Since 2007 we found accommodation in Torun for 5745 people.
The bed for 1 person - 50 PLN per day (the price includes breakfast).

50% discount for children up to 10, children up to 3 - FREE.

The guest-house Orzechowy Jar (Hazel Gorge) is located by the Drwęca river, among fields and forests. We offer very good housing conditions and delicious food. This offer is especially for the people who appreciate silence and calmness. For our guests we organise horse and cart riding, fishing and mushroom picking. Children up to 3 years free. At guest's disposal grill and bikes and also the possibility of making bonfires and sleigh ride in winter. Our guest house is close to the lake (1 km) and forest, it encourages to an active rest.

For our guests we offer luxury lodging. The rooms are equipped with own separate bathroom and TV-set. There is shower (hot water is available the whole day), toilet and washbasin in each bathroom. To protect our guests from mosquitoes every window is covered with mosquito-net. There is possibility of organising meetings, feasts and dancing or conferences and training courses. Our guest-house is connected to the internet.

Local attractions:
Chelmoniec - in this village 4 km away from Orzechowy Jar children can ride a pony and donkey. For adults cart riding is available.
Mierzynek - there is one of the biggest professional ostrich farm. For a small fee you can visit that farm, find the customs of the biggest birds on the world and also buy an enormous egg which is enough as a meal for 10 persons.
Okonin lake - 800 meters away from our guest house. It belongs to the clearest lakes around. In summer bars, restaurant and discos are open. There are pedal boats and cannoes for rent and of course you can swim in the guarded lake.
Drweca river - one of the clearest rivers in Poland. It begins in Drweca lake, flows through forests and wildlife reserves, finishing in Wisla river near Torun. Our guests-house is located on the bank of Drweca river. It gives many attractions such as fishing, cannoeing trips. Yearly it is held International Cannoe Trip on Drweca river, which is popular among cannoeists from many countries.
Forests - our guest-house is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forest. During walking or biking visitor can meet deer, hares and partridges on the field. He can watch woodpeckers, storks, swans. There are tourist trails for walking and biking nearby Elgiszewo.
The pond - there is a pond with fish inside the yard of Orzechowy Jar. We propose several species of fish for anglers. The pond with its rich flora and fauna is very interesting not only for fishing fans.
Horse ridin - horse riding school, pony and donkey riding for children and cart riding.

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