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The Vistula panorama of Torun

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Charming panorama of Torun from the Vistula River is one of the symbols and distinctive features of the city. It can be fully admired from the viewpoint in Majdany Street, on the left river bank where in the past was a bridge, linked with the Bridge Gate on the Old Town side.

The most beautiful part of the Vistula panorama is marked by two border points – two bridges: the road one, named after J. Pilsudski, and the railway bridge, named after E. Malinowski. In between them, on the right bank of the Vistula, Old Town is situated. The specificity of the Torun Old Town is connected with its monumental structures (the cathedral, churches, the Town Hall Tower, tenement houses and granaries), the remains after the medieval and later fortification system (gates, towers, defence walls, bastions, the remnants of the Teutonic Castle) and Philadelphian Boulevard riverside – a popular stroll-lane. Torun panorama gains a special character when watched by night due to the stylish illumination of the most valuable monuments, which are  reflected in the waters of the flowing river.

torun panorama

On admiring the panorama from the viewpoint in Majdany Street, one can see the following, from the west to the east: the road bridge named after J. Pilsudski, a  cofferdam dike, magnificent Barracks of Raclawice, a collection of gothic and baroque granaries, the Monastic Gate and the Dovecot Tower, in the interior the spires of the Holy Ghost’ church and The Blessed Virgin Mary’s church, the roofs of  Artus’ Court, the Town Hall Tower,  the Sailors’ Gate, the roof of Dambski Palace, the St. James’ Cathedral (the most magnificent building in the panorama), the eaves of the Eskens’ Palace, baroque granaries, the Crane Tower, The Granary hotel (a historical Swedish granary), the Bridge Gate, another granaries, the Guardhouse Tower, the St. Jacob’s and St.’ Catherine’s churches, Miners’ Warehouse, Minting Bastion, a collection of secession tenement houses and, in the end, the railway bridge named after E Malinowski, linked to the railway station "Torun-Miasto".

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Map of Torun

Map of Torun

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