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Angel of Torun

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The angel is one of the most important symbols of Torun and distinguishes its crest from among the heraldic signs of other Polish cities.

Coat of Arms of TorunThe angel appeared in the crest of Torun in the 15th century when the incorporation of the city into the borders of the Republic of Poland and the following thirteen-year war decided about the necessity of the usage of a new crest and new seals. The introduction of the angel into the coat of arms of Torun in the context of the long lasting war which was a burden for the city can be explained by the will of the inhabitants to appeal to divine help. Slightly changed, the profile of the angel has survived to our times. In 1936 the Minister of Internal Affairs approved of the crest of Torun on which „the escutcheon is held by a kneeling angel in a blue gown with silvery wings. The hair of the angel is black, the face and the hand of the natural colour”. However, after World War II the angel from the Torun crest was removed, but, fortunately, it came back to its place in 1991.

Today the angel of Torun guards, as in the past, the whole of the city. Its image is present especially in the Old Town of Torun, among others, on the gable of the building in the Caesar Arc, on the facade of the Arthur’s Mansion, over the gate of the Old Town Hall or in the stained-glass window over the entry to the main building of the Office of the City of Torun. 

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Map of Torun

Map of Torun

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